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    Transportation & Logistics


    When it comes to selling the physical products, transportation and logistics management can make or break a business. In most cases, the two go hand in hand, since logistics management includes managing transportation and its costs. However, for most companies, when you put the two together, it becomes a long chain of diverse tasks and duties that, when put together efficiently, get raw materials from point A to the customer at point B. Here you no need to worry about tasks and duties, EasyStepIn helps you to give proper information about this.

    Transportation is simply moving products and materials from one place to another. This includes the shipment of raw materials to the manufacturer and movement of the finished product to the customer. Transportation also includes the movement of parts to assembly areas as they are assembled.Logistics involves getting your products to your customers on time, in the correct quantities, in good condition at the right price. This includes overseeing transportation, as well as storage of materials, production and inventory management. Logistics also includes the packaging of products for storage and shipment. Logistics involves both internal and external distribution networks.

    At EasyStepIn, we make sure your organization's T&L data is integrated and connected. Can be accessed across the organization secured. This helps is transparency in the organization data.The easiest way to minimize transportation costs is to eliminate unnecessary transportation. You can do this by finding closer suppliers. You can reduce transportation costs by consolidating shipments, buying partially assembled products from vendors and reducing the number of trips needed to ship in raw materials. Having work stations within the factory close to each other minimizes material transportation, which is a non-value-added labour cost. Consolidating transportation service providers increases the volume each transportation firm provides and can allow for a negotiated volume discount.

    Transform the customer journey

    There’s no better way to accelerate innovation, so you can create personalised journeys that build customer loyalty.

    • We have expertise team on all Transportation business needs using Dell Boomi, Mulesoft, SAP CPI, Salesforce etc..

    • Have technical skills on API, B2B, A2A, EDI, MDM/Hub, Flow/BPM, Queue/JMS .

    • Right now we are working for 3 trusted clients with 40 certified experts holding 10 live projects.

    • We have done 10 Innovative POC's.

    • We have a rapid increase in the overall company growth from 2017.



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