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    Cloud Solution Services

    Cloud integration is the process of configuring multiple application programs to share data in the cloud. In a network that incorporates cloud integration, diverse applications communicate either directly or through third-party software.

    Informatica Cloud


    The shift to the cloud compels architects to develop a combined data and application integration strategy that considers how on-premises and cloud application and data services co-exist and integrate to fulfill the role they were deployed for. A comprehensive integration strategy must consider various co-existence and integration aspects: • Data consumption: How applications consume data whether locally and without latency, on demand and interactively from an external data provider or service, via a data hub, or through streaming listeners • Data and application services: How data is exposed as a service • Data propagation: How data propagates—for example, via data set synchronization, replication, store and forward or publish/subscribe, streaming, messaging, or event-based propagation via service-oriented API requests.

    An application integration strategy needs to also consider how business and data service APIs are provided and consumed as the means used to. Propagate business events triggered in one application to others—for instance, order fulfillment. Give users the ability to interactively access application data and business services residing in the cloud and/or on-premises without having to replicate data. Consume application and data services using synchronous and asynchronous means of interactions. Integrate business processes across a set of loosely coupled applications—for example, order to cash. Integrate partners Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) offers the means with its integration platform as a service (iPaaS), a hybrid integration platform, to integrate and offer data and application services deployed on-premises and in the cloud.

    • We have expertise team on Informatica Cloud using Dell Boomi, Mulesoft, SAP CPI, Salesforce etc..

    • Have technical skills on API, B2B, A2A, EDI, MDM/Hub, Flow/BPM, Queue/JMS .

    • Right now we are working for 3 trusted clients with 40 certified experts holding 5 live projects.

    • We have done 10 Innovative POC's.

    • We have a rapid increase in the overall company growth from 2017.


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